• Pre-surgical examination and consultation
  • Pre-anesthetic sedative / anti-anxiety
  • Antibiotic injection
  • Post pain management injection to help with the recovery period
  • Complimentary nail trim
  • Complimentary ear exam

During all of our surgery procedures we have one of our highly trained veterinary assistants monitoring anesthesia. They use our extensive EKG, pulse oximeter, and respiratory monitoring machine to document the heart rate, breaths per minute, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure.

All of our surgery room supplies are sterilized using our autoclave machine prior to the procedure. The surgeon wears all proper sterilized clothing and “scrubs” up for surgery just like at a human hospital.

In addition to the above we highly recommend all our surgery patients receive the following:

Prior to anesthesia, our health care team will obtain a complete history of your pet, and the doctor will perform a complete physical exam. These provide us with important information about your pet’s health. But it is impossible to understand the complete physiologic picture without performing blood tests. The blood tests we recommend are similar to and equally as important as those your own physician would run if you were to undergo anesthesia. We use our in-house blood machines which allow us immediate results.

In addition to bloodwork, an intravascular (IV) catheter and fluids are recommended to keep our furry friends better hydrated, help maintain their blood pressure, help flush out the anesthesia, and allow us immediate access to administer life-saving medications. All Professional Dental Cleanings include an IV catheter and fluids at no additional cost. For all routine procedures we have discounted our IV catheter and fluids to help make it more reasonable for all our furry friends to receive the best standard of care.

We monitor all our patients' pain while they are in recovery. When needed we send them home with pain relief medication to help them better rest.

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